Coconut Cream Sauce

I wanted to make Pete Evans Paleo lime coconut sauce but didn’t have the ingredients so here is what I made with what was left before grocery shopping day. It was just as good as the other one I normally make.  It goes well with fish and salmon that has been steamed and vegetables. 

Coconut Cream Sauce










Ingredients Serves 2-3

1 Coconut milk powder pouch (ayam)

300ml zymil lactose free cream

1tsp minced garlic paste (Gourmet Garden)

1tb Lemongrass Paste (Gourmet Garden)

1 clove garlic minced

2Tb Coriander Stems

1tsp coriander seeds dried

3kaffir lime leaves torn

1tb Fish Sauce

1 lime juiced and zest


In saucepan on low heat add all the ingredients except lime juice and fish sauce and stir gently for 1minute then add  the fish sauce and juice and stir for about 20minutes. You will need to keep stirring so it doesn’t burn on bottom. Turn off the heat

Pour into blender and blitz until no lumps. Then strain through sieve.


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