Bean Salad #3

Bean Salad #3 is a great filler for a meal without a lot of prep and goes great with pan-fried chicken. You could also team it with Fish. 

Rosemary garlic Chicken & Bean Salad #3










Ingredients serves 2

400g White Cannellini Beans drained and rinsed in sieve to remove brine

30g Walnuts crushed

1/4 red onion sliced

1 cup green beans steamed


Cook beans 4minutes in microwave then drain any water. Add to bowl.

Cut the onion into thin slices

Drain the beans in sieve in running water and rinse off the brine.

Add to bowl with remaining ingredients.


1Tb Mothers Earth Apple Cider Vinegar

1Tb Olive Oil Extra Virgin

1Tb Seeded wholegrain mustard

Mix the dressing together and pour over the salad

Serve  Bean Salad #3 with chicken or fish

Seasoned Chicken Tenders

To make the above tenders : Serves 2

200g Chicken Tenders,

1tsp minced garlic paste

1Tb thyme,

light pinch of sea-salt and black pepper

1tb coconut oil


Coat chicken in seasoning, garlic and herbs

Cook in coconut oil in non stick skillet until the sides of the chicken turn white.

Flip and continue to cook further 3minutes or until juices run clear when spiked with knife.


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