Rice : Fried with Prawns with Mushrooms

A quick breakfast fried rice to use up mushrooms that needed to be used. I also used up some cooked rice for this one.

Fried Rice

Recipe Serves 2


1 garlic clove,

1 cup stir fry frozen Thai vegetables

2 eggs

8 prawns

1Tb  tamari gluten free soy

2 Cups  basmati rice (cooked)


Crush the garlic with garlic crusher or with knife,

Make eggs scrambled by beating them adding them to non stick skillet cook and mix well to break the yolks and cook.

In separate frypan add remaining ingredients except prawns and egg and stir fry until all the vegetables are cooked through then add the prawns and egg scramble.

If it starts to stick add a tablespoon water to mix through. (Not too much water it will go gluggy)