Sauces: Homemade

As I cleared out fridge of any bought sauces I wanted to make some of my own I haven’t tried before. I also made another batch of the mint sauce I made last year.

My Creamy Fennel Mustard Recipe is Soo Good! Great for BBQ  with Sausages/Steak/Chicken or even Fish or when you want a salad dressing that’s not the normal mayo. No cream involved. Definitely making this one again.

My Basil Pesto Recipe worked out rather well. I don’t add parmesan to mine but a lot of recipes for basil pesto do include it so it is up to the individual taste. I personally don’t think it needs it.

The Chimichurri Recipe from Coles free magazine. Had this one with Steak. Neither hubby nor I liked it.

My Mint Sauce Recipe will be a favourite.

Creamy fennel mustard
Basil pesto
Mint Sauce #1







Barb’s Basil Pesto Recipe:
1 cup fresh basil from vegepod
1/2 cup Pinenut
1tsp green protein powder
1 garlic clove
1/4 cup approx. *see note olive oil
Optional : Parmesan Cheese

Place all ingredients in blender except for the oil.  Put lid on turn to 1st setting or pulse and *tip: drizzle in the oil a little bit at a time. When mix comes together its enough oil. Serve with either chicken, steak, fish, pasta, or roast vegetables or crudités

Barb’s Creamy Fennel Mustard

1/2cup natural yogurt

2Tb organic free range egg mayo

1tsp fennel seeds

1tsp organic honey

1tsp dry mustard

1tsp Dijon

1tsp Tumeric

1tsp curry powder (keens)

1tsp celery salt

1tsp apple cider vinegar  (mothers earth)


Mix all together in bowl then store in glass jar with lid in fridge

Serve with any meat fish poultry or as salad dressing or over roasted vegetables

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