Pork with Hazlenut Salad

Pan-fried pork steaks on non stick skillet with cooking spray. Serve with 2 Tb my mint sauce. Recipe for hazelnut salad follows.

Pan-fried pork with mint sauce & hazelnut salad

Hazelnut Salad

Ingredients serves 2

1 cup mixed roast potato, pumpkin, sweet potatoes,

1\2cup green beans steamed,

30g hazelnut crushed in mortar/pestle,

1 cup mixed rocket and Spinach leaves,

1Tb balsamic vinegar,

1/4 cucumber sliced.


In non stick skillet cook the pork on both sides for about 3minutes.

To make the salad :
Slice the cucumber.

Crush the hazelnuts in mortar and pestle.

Steam the beans in microwave dish for 4 minutes.

Previously bought some roasted potato and pumpkin cooked to save time. But you could roast or steam them yourself.

Mix together with the leaves and balsamic.

Served with pan-fried pork.

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