Barb’s gluten free bread

Through 2 failed attempts to get this right i managed a 3rd loaf using gluten-free flours, lactose-free milk and yogurt and organic free range egg for this bread. Nice crusty bread. I found the gluten free flour in Coles supermarket. It was really nice. Tip:  if you need to toast or reheat it just sprinkle a light sprinkle of water and it comes out like its just been baked.

Barb’s gf bread

Ingredients :1 loaf

1 cup orgran gluten-free plain flour

1 cup orgran gluten-free self raising flour

1 cup lactose-free yogurt

2Tb lactose-free milk

1 organic free range egg

Water added if needed a tb at a time.


Preheat oven180*c fan forced oven

Mix all ingredients in large bowl together until it forms ball of dough. If need be add  tablespoon water at a time to mix in dry flour. Just sticky but not too wet.

Place in loaf tin which has been sprayed with olive oil cooking spray. Spray top of dough.

Bake for 30 min then turn tin and cook further 30 minutes. Insert skewer if comes out clean its ready. If not a further 10minutes. *i turned oven off after 1hr and let it sit in the warm oven for further 30min and it was good.

Turn out into a teatowel lined with baking paper so baking paper wraps the bread then cover completely with teatowel and slice.

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