Slaws: #1 Easy

Pete evans recipe in his latest paleo book had a similar one. This is my version of that as i changed it to what i had available. A tasty slaw that I will revert back to. You could add a dressing but I used lemon juice and didn’t need to add another dressing.

Summer slaw











Ingredients serves  1ltre bowl

1/4 green cabbage sliced

1 Carrot grated

1 handful of each : fresh coriander, mint, basil (all homegrown by me)

1 lemon juiced

Optional: 1 granny smith apple sliced thin


Cut cabbage, grate carrot add to bowl (add apple if using) Squeeze lemon to get juice and pour over cabbage and mix well. Add herbs. Cover and chill until needed. Store in container with lid if not using straight away.

Serve w meat or seafood of your choice

Other options to add:


Green shallot

Red onion

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