Tandoori chicken

Using up sauces in fridge this week. Tandoori paste is mixed with yogurt to make the marinade. I used lactose-free greek yogurt for a change

Tandoori chicken and sides

Tandoori Chicken

Bean salad #1 with kale & tandoori chicken, jasmine rice


Tandoori chicken and steamed brown /red rice




















Ingredients Serves 4

500g chicken tenders

1/4 cup lactose free greek yogurt

2Tb tandoori paste

1 cup green beans

1 cup mushrooms sliced

Serve with cooked basmati rice


Mix yogurt and tandoori paste together then add tenders. Allow to marinade for minimum 1 hour.

Pan fry tenders in saucepan and keep eye on them so they dont burn. Turn them when fiest side is cooked then add beans and mushrooms.