Lettuce Wraps:Bento Soy Minced Beef

Bento Soy is a Japanese soy which I don’t use very often but wanted to team it with mushrooms and minced beef. So here is the lovely combinations. Not many flavours to contend with but worked well. Loved this one and so did hubby. Will be making it again. Its a lettuce wrap or san choi bau type dish but with Japanese flavours instead of Chinese.

Bento Soy, grassfed beef mince lettuce wraps

Bento Soy Minced Beef










Ingredients serves 2

250g Minced beef lean

3 Button Mushrooms Sliced

1/4 Onion sliced

1/2 cup green beans

1/2 cup carrot

1TB Bento Soy Sauce

1Tb Peanut Oil

Options: Serve with Lettuce as a wrap or serve with Brown Rice


Stir fry the mince in the oil and then add remaining ingredients

Cook until vegetables are soft.

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