New Years Day Breakfast

I use to watch cooking shows and they had this combo for breakfast. Here is my version. Great filling breakfast to keep you going until lunch time. A nice combination of flavours. This is one hubby liked and it was enough to fill him up for the morning without needing snacks between to get him through until lunch.

Mac n Cheese, Baked Beans, Gluten Free Sausages











Ingredients serves 2

400g Baked Beans (Aldi)

4 Gluten Free Thin Beef Sausages (Coles)

2 Slices Rye Toast

2 tsp Margarine

2 Serves Barb’s Mac N Cheese


Reheat the mac n cheese in microwave for 2 minutes in ramekin.

Cook sausages in non stick skillet.

Tip *Slice sausages in half for quicker cooking time.

Heat baked beans in saucepan on stove but keep eye on them and stir as they may burn if left unattended.

Cook toast and spread with margarine.

Serve baked beans in ramekin and toast topped with sausages, the mac n cheese in separate ramekin.