Steamed chicken dinner

Mum use to do a Sunday roast chicken dinner when I was living at home. It had mashed potato with gravy and seasonal vegetables. This to me is comfort food. I have done my own healthier version without roasting the chicken. It is steamed in microwave steamer as well as the vegetables

Steamed chicken dinner

Ingredients serves 2

2 Chicken boneless breast fillets

4 slices pumpkin

1 zucchni

2Tb insant potato powder/flakes with 2Tb boiling water and 1Tb lite milk

2Tb gravox gravy powder with 3Tb boiling water


Place chicken in microwave steamer with lid on cook on high for 6min (if chicken is defrosted) or 10minutes (if frozen )

Slice pumpkin into wedges and cook pumpkin in microwave steamer for 6miutes *tip can be done with chicken if you have room in steamer

Slice zuchini into rings place in microwave bowl and cook for 4minutes cover with clingwrap and keep warm

Make instant mash :adding mash powder/flakes with 2tb water and 1tb milk in bowl and mix with fork

To make gravy: place 2tb gravy powder in mixing jug/bowl with 3tb boilig water mix together

Serve on warmed plates