Fish cocktails not fried

Fish Cocktails, Sea Shanties and Chips are all cooked in the oven rather than saturated in oil in a deep fryer gives the same result without added fat. Yes they take a little longer to cook but has same great taste.  Team with tartare sauce or lemon wedges and garden salad or on their own with tartare/lemon/aioli or sweet chili sauce.

Ingredients Serves 1

5 frozen fish cocktails

1 Sea Shanties

50g Straight Cut Chips Frozen

1Tb tartare sauce or lemon wedges

Cooking spray

Method :

Preheat oven 180*c fanforced oven

(You can line the tray with foil first then add cooking spray)

Spray baking tray with cooking spray

Put cocktail, sea shantie and chips on tray and place in oven middle shelf.

Bake 15 minutes turn cook further 15 minutes

Place tartare in sauce ramekin, slice the lemon.

Tip: If serving salad make the salad while fish is cooking.

Serve with tartare or lemon wedges

Oven Cooked Fish Cocktails