Pan fried Breakfast

Hot breakfast without the grease and healthier ingredients. My last one for the year.  Pan frying in non stick skillet using cooking spray is a healthier option than traditionally frying in oil for the same type of English breakfast. Makes this breakfast a good option .

Gluten Free Sausages, Organic Free Range Egg, Tomato, Mushrooms & Tomato Sauce

Portion wise I did over indulge in extra sausages so if you want correct portion reduce sausage to 1 sausage. Then rest was correct

Ingredients Serves 1

3 gluten-free thin beef sausage

1 free range egg

1/2 tomato

3 mushrooms

Olive oil cooking spray

1Tb Tomato Sauce


Spray non stick skillet with cooking spray.

Cook sausages, mushrooms and tomato in pan. When sausages are cooked remove all ingredients on serving plate and placein oven 150*C to keep warm.

Cook egg in skillet transfer to plate serve, drizzle with sauce

Tip: I used a side bread/butter plate to serve this meal not the standard 20cm dinner plate.