Catering: Christmas Salad

Homeless dinner Christmas salad

Church hosted a dinner for those who had no where to go to celebrate Christmas. Another lady was doing the main meal with Roast Turkey, Roast Pork, Ham and Chicken accompanied by Roast Potato, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato and Steamed Broccolini.


Ingredients served 1 small foil tray
1 baby Cos Lettuce
4 Tomatoes in wedges then halved
1 Lebanese Cucumber Sliced into small batons
1 Red Capsicum Sliced into small batons
1 large Carrot sliced into batons
1 Green Shallot Sliced
Vegepod Fresh Curly Parsley to Garnish
1Tb Lite French Dressing.

Cut all the ingredients roughly the same size. This salad was not a layered Salad
TIP: To layer a salad, Do half the ingredients in a layer then repeat the layers.
Dressing can be added to each layer.