Weekend away #1

Complimentary wine turon gates capertee nsw

Property was only on solar power and was raining first day so i was glad i had prepared meals before leaving home as power was limited.

Day 1 stop at katoomba for lunch

Day 2 at accommodation in turon gates capertee (dinner was from thai restaurant back home as i purchased it before leaving home and froze the meal so just had to reheat)

Day 3 stop at Taralga for lunch (2nd salad bowl not shown ) and mcdonalds for dinner back home

Paragon cafe katoomba paragon burger w chips

Handmade chocolates from Paragon cafe

Cleavers hotdogs w kimchi

Crudites and dip

Kale chips tumeric, Paprika, cumin

Chicken strog

Cleavers beef sausage w gluten-free bacon, mushrooms, organic free range egg and avocado

Ginger beer w pear

Salad poached ginger chicken cooked in pressure cooker w salad lettuce cucumber red onion carrot lite french dressing

Chili nori crackers and sundried tomato and basil tuna. Ginger beer with agarna


Blueberry pancakes

Sweet potato and cashew dip w crudites

Not shown : jungle curry prawns w rice,  mcdonalds mc chicken meal

Avocado, radish, red onion, pressure cooker chickèn, mushrooms, lettuce, cucumber