Five Tastes Kaffir Lime & Basil Stir Fry

I cooked the chicken separately in non stick pan then removed from pan. Cooked the rice by absorption method in microwave. Stir fry the vegetables with the sauce pouch.

Five Taste Kaffir Lime Stir Fry chicken served with jasmine rice

Same dish plated on different colour plate

Catering : Laksa Soup for 18-20 people

I used The 8 week sugar diet cookbook recipe without noodles and doubled the vegetables. I made the soup on the stove top in a pan then transferred to slow cooker and cooked it on low for a further 3hrs to keep warm for serving. I used 2kg chicken drumsticks cooked in pressure cooker before adding to the soup.

Slow cooker laksa soup

Catering : Caesar Salad for 18

Caesar Salad for 18



Made this for a dinner with 18-120 people.








Ingredients :

2 Heads Cos Lettuce pull apart each leaf

200g Grated Parmesan

200g Diced Bacon Bits

6 free Range Eggs

1 packet of croutons

4Tb Caesar Dressing



Lay each of the  leaves on serving platter

Cook the bacon in non stick skillet then place even amounts into each leaf

Cook eggs in egg cooker Boiled for 8minutes in egg steamer then peel in cold water and cut into slices

then arrange 1 slice on each leaf and top with parmesan and croutons evenly.

Drizzle over the dressing in a circular pattern

Serve with Lasagne and Garlic Bread or as a appetizer salad

Indian Feast #6

Another Indian Feast with using a bought tikka spice paste which was lovely and delivered on the Mild. I made my own chapatti with organic flour and water and mixed it then kneaded then rested it then shape into balls then flatten with rolling pin and lastly cook in non stick skillet until dots appear. I repeated the curry cauli vegetables recipe I used last time. Made a new raita with added mint. I still had leftover beet relish that we used up.

Curry Cauli & Vegetables

Homemade Chapati with Organic Flour

Homemade Mint Raita used Greek Yogurt, lemon juice, garlic and mint with cucumber

Tikka Chicken using Spice Paste