Meals this week

Meals this week most were prepared ahead of the day.

Foodworks BBQ Chicken served with steamed vegetables and grandma honey sauce #2











Thai Lemongrass Chicken and Baked Spring Rolls and Mini Dim Sims









Turkey Roast w Steam Veg and Grandmas Honey Sauce #2











Eat Out : at Hello Harry- the burger joint. I got the Gluten Free Texan Brisket with Apple Slaw.

Kalbi Beef with Salad with Jasmine Rice

Basa with Spice Taylor Indian Goan Curry Hot with Basmati Rice

this weekend I have a 90th birthday afternoon tea to help cater for so will show recipes at the catering blog click on link page at top of the blog for the recipes.

Thai:Lemongrass chicken

Thai lemongrass chicken

Thai lemongrass Marinade #2

1tb Thai fish sauce

1tb organic Honey

1tb Tamari soy

Light pinch White pepper

1 Red chili

1tb Garlic

1tb Lemongrass

2tb Water

Serve with jasmine rice.

Use 1 cup raw jasmine rice to 2cups hot water

Marinate chicken (choose from boneless skinless breast, thighs or tenders) for 30 minutes in marinade.

Cook rice by absorption method in microwave. Then fluff with fork. Do not rince.

Remove chicken from marinade and cook in hot wok or frypan but reserve marinade. When chicken is almost cooked add vegetables and marinade back into pan. Stir fry for 2-3minutes.

Serve with jasmine rice.

Optional: serve with spring rolls and peanut dipping sauce

Sauces: Indonesian peanut dipping sauce

This could also be used as a thai peanut dipping sauce. It is for wontons and spring rolls. This is NOT satay sauce.

Indonesian peanut dipping sauce

Ingredients makes 2 small mason jam jars

1tb tamarind paste

2tb brown dugar

1tb Thai chili jam or use fresh red chilies if avail or sambal olek

300g pack crushed peanuts

1tb garlic paste

1/4cup warm water

Place in pot and stir until boils then simmer 5 minutes and put into jars with lid if not using straight away.

Roast turkey breast

Roast Turkey Breast with carrot, zucchini, instant mash and grandmas honey sauce#2.












Ingredients serves 4

500g Roast Turkey Breast

2 Carrots

2 Large Zucchini

2 Cups Cooked Mash Potato

8Tb Grandmas Honey Sauce #2 (See Previous Post for recipe)


Slice turkey into even size slices and vegetables. Distribute Evenly between plates.

Place on serving plate and microwave for 4 minutes on high.

Meal is ready!


Charcoal brioche w 1 oven baked chicken burger pattie, 2 slices hickory smoked bacon cooked in skillet,1 slice  pineapple,1/2  tomato sliced, 5 slices cucumber, Cos lettuce, 1tsp kewpie mayo and 1tsp sweet chili sauce with oven baked 50g  straight cut chips per serve. Place skewer in top to for presentation and hold it together while you carry to table