Meals this week

Off track a bit as we had a death in family and weren’t able to be at home for meals

-grazing platters

– salad with egg

-salad with turkey, mesclun,walnut, cranberries

– slaw

– kfc

-dominoes pizza for 3 meals

-sandwich,  mini pie

-mini croissant w ham and cheese

– chinese satay skewers, garlic king prawn

-chili con carne

– beef and veg soup

Killalea cafe – shared 1/2 burger and 1/2 chips w hubby

Homemade schnitzel burger and chips cooked in oven w mayo, lettuce, sweet chili sauce 



First Place For Health Christmas menu

Christmas in USAis winter. Here’s some of the First Place For Health Christmas Menu. On Christmas Day we will do our Australian meal .

more photos to come for this menu



Christmas meal dessert crispy cranberry apple












Healthy crockpot Vegetable soup

First Place For Health thanksgiving meal

In Australia we don’t normally celebrate Thanksgiving as it is a USA event. Since rejoining first Place For Health program we will be doing their thanksgiving meal with First Place For Health Recipes. I am doing mine this week.

Thanksgiving meal rosemary orange roast turkey with cheesy potatoes, buttery Brussels sprouts with apple, quick and easy homemade cranberry sauce

Thanksgiving meal dessert upside down apple and pecan cake

Salads:Pearl cous cous #3

My take on Parma not crumbed. Uses leftover bbq chicken. Make cous cous with boiling chicken stock cover for 10 minutes then drain, add salad and mix on plate. Top with chicken and passatta hen Parmesan and microwave for 1minute.

BBQ chicken Parma w pearl cous cous, cherry tomato, cucumber, baby spinach, passatta and Parmesan on top of chicken


Same ingredients except cold had no cheese. Bacon day ced,bbq chicken leftovers, baby spinach, croutons, kewpie mayo instead of Caesar dressing. For warm add Parmesan on top and microwave for 1 minute until cheese melts.

Caesar chicken no cheese

Warm chicken Caesar with Parmesan