Cooked pizzas







Quick lunch to prepare.  I picked some rocket from the Vegepod this morning. I wanted to use up ingredients in fridge. This is  a mix between sweet and savoury pizza. To make it paleo use a paleo based dough. (My oven timer didn’t go off so they were in a little longer hence charred look but still not burnt)

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Pete Evans Recipe Balinese Pork

I didn’t have Pork belly but I did have Pork steaks and this was a favourite recipe from the paleo way program and Chef Pete Evans cookbook. I served mine with steamed Asian greens, Cauli ‘rice’ and pickled ginger. Garnish with lime wedge. So good and will be doing it again soon. Recipe is also online here at

Pete Evans Going Paleo Cookbook page 172

Afternoon tea for 2

We had a share platter for afternoon tea today. Some might call it a nibble platter. This will keep us going until dinner 🍽.

Summer Share platter #1 cherries, seedless grapes, Cleavers hotdogs, paleo cafe cookbook tomato sauce, rice crackers, lactose free cheeses : Brie and organic, parsley from herb pot